Attention! Registration Closed!

The first Brazil’s Cheese World Contest  taking place on August 10, 2019 from 9AM to 5PM, will be conducted in two steps.

In the first step all cheeses will be placed on tables based on their category, as specified in the regulation of the contest (Regulation in Portuguese, English or French), and the best will be selected within its category.

In the second step, the best cheese from each table will be judged again, in the auditorium of Cine-Teatro Tiradentes, on the first floor of the hotel. Each of the 15 members of the “Special Jury” will publicly defend his or her cheese in front of the audience. The best cheese of the competition will then be chosen in front of the public. The results will also be published in the lobby of the hotel and on this site the same day at 7PM.

Contest Rules in Portuguese, English or French.

REGISTRATION PROCEDURE (please read carefully)

Step 1: Make a payment to register your product(s) according to its category in this link;

Step 2: Fill in the registration form sent in the payment confirmation email called: Request Completed.

Associates of SerTãoBras, Aqmara and Guilde Internationale des Fromagers have a 10% discount (not cumulative) for the registration. To do so, the registration must be made via bank transfer or deposit account (further instructions on the completion of the payment).



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