Completely new in Brazil, this contest is assigned to the cheesemakers who will be challenged in their technical skills and improvisation abilities.


Atenção: data limite de inscrição: 25 de abril de 2022.

The contest is endorsed by the french magazine Profession Fromager. The contest presidency is shared by Arnaud Sperat Czar and Antônio Fernandes

Arnaud is president of Fondation pour la Biodiversité FromagèreMaître Honoris Caseus of Guilde Internationale des Fromagers and author of several books about cheese. Antônio is professor and cheese researcher at Universidade Federal of Viçosa – UFV and one of the founders of the Inova Leite Program. 

This contest plans 3 stages: the first stage is a practical one during the Expo Zebu Fair in Uberaba on the 1st of May; the second stage will take place in the comfort of the candidate’s cheese factory; the third stage is on the 17th of September during the Mundial do Queijo do Brasil in São Paulo.

The proofs are open to the public.