The Best Brazilian Cheesemonger Contest

Completely new in Brazil, this contest is assigned to cheesemongers, cheese retailers, chefs de cuisine, cooks, caterers and other professionals in the artisanal or industrial cheese chain.


Application form

The instructions for the application are included in the rules.

The contest is endorsed by Concours de Meilleur Fromager du Monde. The winner will have his place guaranteed in the next edition in France, in September 2023. The prize is a flying ticket from São Paulo to Paris to take part in the event in France.

The president of The Best Brazilian Cheesemonger Contest is Hervé Mons, Meilleur Ouvrier de France-MOF.

The general organiser of the Best Brazilian Cheesemonger Contest is Flávia Rogoski, cheesemonger in Curitiba and director of SertãoBras. The candidates will be judged in a pre-selection phase, according to their dossiers.

Hervé Mons, Maison Mons.

The selected candidates will undergo several tests: a verbal presentation test, a cheese culinary art test, a general knowledge test, a cheeseboard preparation test, harmonised with drinks and food and the presentation of a “cheese masterpiece” under the motto “Cheese with no Boundaries”. 


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